North Area Community Service Center Offerings

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The North Area Community Service Center, located at 845 West Wilson Avenue, helps individuals and families in need access a wide range of resources from shelter, food and clothing to domestic violence assistance, job training/placement and services for the formerly incarcerated. Clients can also get information about rental, utility and other financial assistance programs. The centers also serve as warming and cooling centers during periods of extreme weather. Centers hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please find some of their offerings below, and see our events calendar for specific offering dates/times!

Rental Assistance Overview Workshop

This overview will cover the requirements and updated eligibility for the Chicago Rental Assistance Program. Low-income Chicago residents who are at risk of losing rental housing due to a recent, unexpected loss of income can learn about the eligibility guidelines. Language line is available on request. Tips for completing the online application will be offered: call (312) 744-2580. 845 W. Wilson, 2nd floor, check in with the front desk!

RTA Application Assistance Workshop

You may be eligible for an RTA ride free card for seniors 65 yrs. old+ or a reduced fare for people with disabilities. You may qualify for TAP. Call ahead for an appointment to meet with DFSS staff. Photo option available. 312.744.2580

Ignite Promise Workshop

Are you 14-26 and homeless? Or know someone who is? Ignite is a non-profit organization in the city of Chicago that provides resources to young people experiencing housing instability/homelessness from ages 14-26. Some of the resources provided include housing placement, life skills programming, employment support, and financial literacy. Their outreach team connects youth to community resources through Ignite programs, to meet their immediate needs, and provide crisis intervention to at-risk youths.

Renter’s Rights Workshop

Are you paying high rent for an apartment that needs repairs? When can you expect the return of your security deposit? Chicago has a Landlord Tenant Ordinance to protect renters! Join us to learn more and hear about community education opportunities on the northwest side.

Employment Opportunities Workshop

Are you looking for a job – any job – to help you pay rent until you find employment in your field? If so, E&ES can help! Join us for an orientation to find out how to enroll with E&ES. Must have a SS card and/or Work Authorization.