Liquor Moratorium Requests

The 40th Ward has a number of “liquor moratorium” zones, established by the previous alderman. On streets designated as moratorium streets, liquor licenses cannot be requested, sold, transferred, etc. except under extremely limited circumstances, such as inheritance by a family member. This prevents the opening of new liquor licensed businesses, and also prevents most transfers or changes of ownership and/or plans of operation for existing liquor licensed businesses within the moratorium zone.

Amendment of a moratorium zone requires legislative action. Businesses may request a moratorium amendment, either for sale/alteration of an existing business or for purposes of opening a new liquor licensed business.

Amendment of a moratorium does not guarantee the issuance of a liquor license! If a moratorium is lifted or amended, businesses must still apply for a liquor license and go through the subsequent public notification and comment process. Amendment of the moratorium only makes the application possible, and does not in any other way indicate or provide support for a specific business or application.

Public comment may be submitted on any of the requested moratorium alterations, displayed below:

4749-4753 N Rockwell Ave

Public Comment Form – Please submit by no later than COB Thursday, September 30th

Applicant: Commonwealth Ventures, LLC: Aaron Zacharias, Managing Member – 33.5%, Scott Morgan, Member – 33.5%, David Putman, Member – 16.5%, Deborah Putman, Member – 16.5%

Proposed Use: On-premise sale and consumption of food and beverage including beer, wine and spirits.

Proposed Hours: Sunday through Friday – 7am – 2am, Saturday 7am – 3am

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