I will host quarterly town halls, community forums, and ward nights throughout the ward to make sure everyone has a chance to bring their concerns about the ward and city up in public. I will continue knocking on doors and attending other community events everywhere in the 40th to make sure I’m available and actively reaching out to address all ward needs.

I will build a robust and transparent constituent service office. No corner of the ward should be less cared for than another, and every constituent should have their calls returned. My professional experience running a customer service and marketing team for 145,000 homes across the state of Illinois prepares me to run this office on day 1.

I will invest in small business development throughout the ward to keep and improve the amenities that make the 40th Ward a place people want to move to. I will work with neighbors and the city to develop empty commercial corridors so every neighborhood has equal investment. I will work to improve city programs that support and invest in local small businesses, especially minority- and women-owned businesses.



I will work to set development goals in conversation with people from across the 40th Ward to make sure development does not price out neighbors and does not make our ward less affordable. I would ensure developers are making meaningful investments in affordable housing and other community benefits when they seek to make a profit from development in our neighborhoods

I will create a community zoning board that makes recommendations for zoning decisions to the office and provides meaningful community input in city zoning decisions. My office will involve in ward residents in participatory budgeting around menu funds. I will also actively involve ward residents in the city budget process.

I will fight for city investments in ward infrastructure, including green alleys, more community green spaces, and improved upkeep of storm drains and better winter weather management across the ward, not just in some neighborhoods of the ward.



I will fight to fully fund our schools and other public services. I support a moratorium on charter schools to stop the drain of resources from our neighborhood schools. I support reopening public mental health clinics, a public infrastructure jobs program, and increased investment in affordable housing across the city (including strengthening the existing Affordable Requirements Ordinance).

I will fight to make all of our city services more democratic. This means supporting an elected school board, elected civilian police accountability council, and reform to city elections including but not limited to a small donor match public finance ordinance for city elections to end pay-to-play corruption.

I will fight for transparent and realistic city budgeting. Chicago is on dangerous fiscal footing. Previous administrations have continued to pass the buck using new and different financial instruments depending on the fad of the day. I will fight for progressive revenue at the city and state level that will actually address our budget deficit without breaking our promises to retirees. This includes a financial transactions tax, legalized marijuana revenue, and a real estate transfer tax.

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