Pooja Ravindran

Chief of Staff

Pooja Ravindran is wearing glasses, a blue button down and smiling handsomely in front of yellow flowers. They are 5"5 nonbinary person of Indian descent, currently with close cropped black hair. 
  • Chief of Staff
  • They / Them

Pooja has been with the 40th Ward Office since January 2021 and was the Director of Constituent Services prior to being the Chief of Staff. They have a great interest in making sure government serves the interest of ALL people, especially those who have been minoritized and continue to face repression.

Pooja was in the solar industry for many years before pivoting into government, and has extensive experience with program development, management and strategic planning. Catch them farming, cooking or trying to start yet another book club during non work hours!

Areas of Specialization

  • Operations
  • Inter- and Intra- Governmental Affairs
  • Family and Support Services
  • Older Adult resources
  • Direct services resources
  • Public Health
  • Workforce Development
  • Internships/Hiring

Special Interests

Environmental justice, agricultural production passions