Neighbor Network Volunteer Program

There are many ways to volunteer with the Neighbor Network.

Virtual Front Desk
VFD volunteers provide valuable customer service assistance for 40th Ward residents who call the office during regular hours (10a-5p, Monday-Friday). Help 40th Ward staff by answering calls and generating service requests. VFD volunteers undergo a brief training and must have internet access, a phone, and a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Shifts are 2-3 hours. This is an ideal opportunity for someone seeking a regular commitment.

Call Crew
Help make wellness check calls to 40th Ward seniors on Sundays from 12-2pm. This is a team effort; callers meet on Zoom at 11:45 am and new volunteers receive a brief training on the phonebank system.

Field Team
Field team volunteers cover a lot of ground because they are “in the field” for the Neighbor Network. There are three primary types of field team opportunities:
· Regularly scheduled, ongoing initiatives such as Shovel Squad (Sign up : or ward surveying
· Event-specific such as flyering and clean up events
· As needed tasks such as food or mask delivery, neighbor requests

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