Legislative Team meets fourth Mondays of the month unless otherwise announced, 6:00pm, 5620 N Western Ave (40th Ward Office)

Our Legislative Team is a tool to help Chicago’s City Council move legislation forward that was researched, considered, and drafted in-house. The basic Legislative Team process produces multiple stages of researched documentation:

  1. Summary of the Issue – a short, snapshot overview of a policy issue
  2. Legislative Status Quo – an examination of the issue’s history in government/law
  3. Path Forward – an action plan for the Ward office’s engagement on the issue
  4. Draft Legislation or other materials, depending on the Path Forward plan

Much of the Legislative Team’s work happens between meetings at the Ward office. Expect homework! This citizen council requires a willingness to work independently and commit a substantial amount of time to research and writing. Legal, legislative, or research experience is not required but is extremely helpful.

Want to get involved? Fill out our Legislative Team sign-up form and a staff member will be in touch to interview you!

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