Legislative Highlights

Notable Legislative Contributions

Negotiated, supported, and passed the ECPS ordinance, establishing one of the strongest police oversight bodies in the country

Passed a measure doubling the number of affordable units required in new developments under the city’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance and included the 40th Ward in the City’s ADU (coach house and “granny flat”) pilot

Co-sponsored a measure launching an LGBTQ-owned business survey, a required step towards establishing LGBTQ-owned business hiring and contracting incentives

Passed the city’s first gender-neutral language ordinance, which prohibits city forms and applications from asking for an individual’s gender except where required for medical or other necessary governmental functions and requires that a nonbinary option be provided

Pushed to establish the Save The Trees Ordinance and associated Cured in Place Pipe Pilot requiring the Department of Water Management to pilot tree-saving trenchless technologies and preventing trees from being cut down during water and sewer main work

Secured a $1M commitment to treat Ash Trees and associated survey

Strengthened third-party delivery app regulations as part of the City’s pandemic relief measures

In support of our local taverns and hotels, amended the City’s Small Business Improvement Fund Program to allow applications from liquor and hospitality businesses in good standing to include Bars, Taverns, Hotels and Motels

Initiated and passed an ordinance to review, assessment, and upgrade process of the City’s 311 system to improve tracking and require more accurate time-to-completion estimates

Led the declaration of December 4th as Fred Hampton Day

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