Traffic and Transportation

We prioritize pedestrian and traffic safety and multimodal transit options through improved road design, pedestrian refuge islands and bump-outs, new signalized intersections where needed, and expansion and improvement of our bike lane network, including east-west connector routes and barrier protection for current paint-and-post lanes.

Traffic Studies

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for public way infrastructure, including planning, design, construction, maintenance and management.

Information about major programs, projects and studies can be found on the CDOT page.

Initiatives and Volunteer Opportunities

Safe Streets Initiative

The 40th Ward Safe Streets Transportation Board is for anyone who is passionate about improving biking, pedestrian safety, and public transit.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Through projects like the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape and other planned neighborhood development projects, we seek to expand and pedestrian and cyclist safety as well as encourage multimodal transit options. In addition, we are working to implement protected bike lanes on Clark Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Neighborhood Greenways are low-stress residential streets designed to calm traffic and provide a more comfortable experience for pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrian median islands, bump-outs, or raised crosswalks can be used to encourage reduced vehicle speeds and promote pedestrian safety. Greenways (see the Leland Greenway project) also include expanded access for cyclists, including contraflow bike lanes, shared lane markings, and bike-friendly speed humps.

Repairs and Special Projects

Infrastructure Repairs

40th Ward infrastructure improvements may include repairs (eg. fixing sidewalks, resurfacing streets, curb and gutter repairs, green alleys) or special projects decided by community vote.

Through our participatory budgeting program, we accept repair requests on a rolling basis to address specific neighborhood needs. If there is a repair needed in your neighborhood, let us know!

Green Alley Program

Chicago’s Green Alley program offers many benefits including stormwater management, heat reduction, material recycling, energy conservation and glare reduction. Funding for these projects is supplied in part by our participatory budgeting program.

Cars, Trains, Buses

Vehicle Stickers, Residential Parking

Please view Vehicle Stickers and Residential Parking information here.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Trains and Buses

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) provides public transportation service to the greater Chicagoland area. Use their website to plan your trip, view alerts and system status and purchase a transit card through Ventra.

The past year, buses and trains have been running at fractions of their scheduled service, sometimes not at all! If your train an/or bus is running late, visit Commuters Take Action to report it. They’ll send your messages directly to the CTA Board and hold them accountable for all your lost time.

Metra Trains

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