In our efforts to maintain affordable housing options and manage conscientious neighborhood development, we actively listen to local businesses and neighbors about what matters. We address needed infrastructure repairs through our participatory budgeting program as part of an integrated effort to support and improve the quality of life for everyone in the 40th Ward. All Chicagoans deserve to live in safe, stable, and pleasant neighborhoods.

For Renters

The Department of Housing can assist with finding affordable housing and resolving issues with landlords. In addition, we recommend that if you are facing a difficulty with your landlord or housing situation you contact our office. We can help connect you to resources, programs and organizations that help as well as provide mediation for conflicts.

Tenants Rights and Rental Assistance

For Homeowners

Property Tax Exemptions

If you own and live in a home, townhome, or condominium unit for which you pay property taxes, you can apply for an exemption that will lower the assessed value of your property, and more than likely your total property tax bill.

  • Property Tax Exemptions – information for homeowners, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities via the Cook County Assessor’s Office

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance

This ordinance allows owners of residential properties to add basement, attic, or coach house units, provided they meet all building and safety code requirements. Owners of larger properties will be able to add multiple accessory dwelling units if 50% are dedicated as affordable housing. Learn about ADU program requirements and pilot areas.

Home and Business Protection Program (HBPP)

The City’s Home and Business Protection Program (HBPP) helps Chicago residents and business owners obtain tools needed to protect their property and feel safe. Apply for the home security rebate program or apply for security devices at no cost based on your income. Applicants who are interested in aiding the Chicago Police Department (CPD) during criminal investigations have the  option  to register their camera system. Registering your equipment is NOT required to apply for the rebate program.

Resources for Home and Property Owners

The State of Illinois is providing emergency housing assistance to help renters and homeowners maintain stable, affordable housing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit: https://www.illinoishousinghelp.org/

Benefits of Home Electrification

  • Sustainability Guide: In July of 2023, the 40th Ward Environmental Board released its Sustainability Guide, a living document meant to spread awareness and encourage individual actions to curb climate chaos on a local level. If you want to contribute any content, sign up and we’ll plug you in!
  • Electrification Working Group: Headed by Viktor Köves, the Electrification Working Group is dedicated to demystifying electrification and decarbonization for 40th Ward neighbors and the rest of the city. Learn about the benefits of all-electric homes, incentives, and programs.

Unhoused Populations

In partnership with the City’s Department of Health and Department of Family and Support Services, the 40th Ward Office seeks to put former motels and other available building stock to use as safe, supervised housing and shelter services for the unhoused.

Housing Insecurity Resources

  • Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO) – Along with shelter CCO provides meals to residents, a food bag program, and free donated clothing to our residents.
  • Bring Chicago Home – Learn more about the proposed ordinance to restructure the one-time Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) and get involved. Properties under $1 million would not receive a tax increase, on average only 4.2% of properties would be impacted. This ordinance would generate over $150 million per year to help fight homelessness.
  • Chicago Housing Assistance Portal – The Department of Housing and the Department of Family and Support Services Intake Form for housing cost assistance (this is a lottery based program)

Utility Bill Relief

The City of Chicago provides utility relief programs to assist residents being disconnected from their water, gas and/or electric service.

If you need help paying off a large or past-due balance, please call your respective utility and state your financial hardship verbally:

  • ComEd (electricity) – 1-800-334-7661
  • Peoples Gas (gas) – 1-866-556-6001

Additional resources and support:

  • Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Help Center – provides financial resources, alternative supplier information, efficiency and safety tips. If you have a complaint or question about your utility service, call the toll-free CUB hotline at 1-800-669-5556 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday), or file a complaint online.
  • CEDA – nonprofit – Providing energy assistance, weatherization support and more.

Contact the 40th Ward Office

Our office works to ensure you feel supported, connected, and valued. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have—we are here to help!