Induction Stove Cookin’: Sustainability in the Kitchen

Close up of an induction stove top with a vegetable stir fry.

This past Monday, the 40th Ward Environmental Board held an induction stove cooking demonstration the Chopping Block in Lincoln Square. Around 30 people came out to watch Chefs Drake and Alex cook us up a brilliant vegetable paella and vegetable stir-fry on stand-alone induction stoves!

Chef Drake––who is an electrician in addition to being a Chef––explained the benefits of electrifying your range, which can be extended to other home appliances, to indoor air quality and climate change mitigation efforts.

Chef cooking on an induction stove top at the Chopping Block.

Thank you to The Chopping Block for hosting us and enthusiastically showing curious Chicagoans how to be green in the kitchen! We also want to thank Viktor Köves and the Electrification Savings Working Group for their work in demystifying electrification and decarbonization for 40th Ward neighbors and the rest of Chicago.

Want to learn more about home electrification? Did you know that you can save on utility bills and help combat climate change at the same time?

Learn about the benefits of home electrification, related incentives and programs on our recent blog post, “The Benefits of All-Electric Homes“. If you’d like to hear more about what the Environmental Board is up to, we invite you to visit our page and get involved!