Chicago City Council

What is Chicago City Council?

Most meaningful legislative activity happens in committee meetings, where committee members debate proposed legislation. These meetings are open to the public. Each committee has a Chair, who controls the committee meeting agenda (and the legislation to be considered). Committee jurisdiction, memberships, and appointments all require City Council approval.

City Council Committees

City Council - meeting of the CIRR - Ald. Vasquez chairs

Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights (CIRR)

The Committee on Immigrant and Refugee Rights (CIRR) is responsible for considering all legislation regarding the security and stability of immigrants and refugees in Chicago.

Ald. Vasquez also serves on the following committees:

Transportation and Public Way

Oversees all matters relating to the Chicago Transit Authority, the subways and the furnishing of public transportation within the City.

Budget and Government Operations

The Committee on the Budget and Government Operations has jurisdiction over the expenditure of all funds appropriated and expended by the City of Chicago.

Committees and Rules

Reviews and revises proposed legislation before it goes to City Council for a vote. They also set agendas, oversee committee meetings, provide opportunities for public comment and ensure transparency and accountability in government.

Ethics and Government Oversight

This committee aims to ensure that City officials and employees avoid conflicts of interest and maintain transparency in their actions. They work to prevent corruption and promote ethical behavior in government.

Public Safety

Oversees matters relating to the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, the Independent Police Review Authority, and matters affecting emergency city services generally.

Workforce Development

Designates resources for workforce development initiatives focused on meeting the needs of Chicago’s most vulnerable residents, investing in workforce programs for individuals who are low-income and have limited work skills.

City Council Updates