Office of the 40th Ward

Our Mission

Accessible. Transparent. Accountable.

Our office works to make all of our City services more democratic. Our shared vision for real change in local government, investment in our neighborhoods, and a brighter future for our kids is made stronger by our diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

We are a community of engaged citizens. When we stand together as neighbors, we have the power to create real change. Together, we can build a city that works for everyone. Please join us for the next Ward Night!

Meet Our Team

Investment in Our Neighborhoods

Our constituent service office works to attend to your needs and concerns and is deeply involved in our communities. We invest in our neighborhoods by:

  • Holding quarterly town halls, community forums, and ward nights empower everyone to voice their concerns about the Ward and City in public.
  • Investing in small business development to keep and improve the amenities that make the 40th Ward a place people want to live.
  • Working with neighbors and the City of Chicago to develop empty commercial corridors and create equitable investment in neighborhoods.
  • Improving city programs that support and invest in local small businesses, especially minority- and women-owned businesses.

Accountable, Transparent Leadership

Through the creation of a community zoning board, recommendations for zoning decisions to the 40th Ward Office are informed by meaningful community input. And, we actively involve residents in the City budget process through our Participatory Budgeting practice (The People’s Budget).

  • Establish development goals that are rooted in conversations with people from across the 40th Ward.
  • Take steps to ensure that developers who secure contracts in our neighborhoods are committed to meaningful investments in affordable housing and other community benefits.
  • Processes are informed by the belief that development should not price out neighbors or make our ward less affordable.
  • Lobby for City investments in ward infrastructure, including green alleys, more community green spaces, and improved upkeep of storm drains and better winter weather management across the whole of the 40th Ward.

Transforming City Politics for Everyone

Our office works to make all of our City services more accessible, transparent and accountable.

  • Transparent and realistic city budgeting
  • Fully fund our schools and other public services
  • We support a moratorium on charter schools to stop the drain of resources from our neighborhood schools.
  • We support reopening public mental health clinics, a public infrastructure jobs program, and increased investment in affordable housing across the city (including strengthening the existing Affordable Requirements Ordinance).


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