Alderperson Andre Vasquez

40th Ward Alderperson

A headshot of Alderperson Andre Vasquez from the shoulders up. Wearing a red button up shirt, he is a 40something Latinx man with a bald head, glasses, a salt and pepper beard, and a warm smile.
  • 40th Ward Alderperson
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Since coming to office in 2019, I am proud of the work that we have achieved together. I care deeply about Chicago and my community. As the son of two Guatemalan immigrants who worked harder than anyone should have to in order to give me a better life, I experienced what it meant when government isn’t working for the people. Real leadership begins with a commitment to engage, educate, and empower people and stakeholders in our community. That belief is at the core of the work we do in the 40th Ward.

Born and raised in Chicago, Andre Vasquez is the Alderperson of the 40th Ward and one of the six Democratic Socialists elected to City Council. Prior to his life in Public Service, he was the Illinois Director for AT&T Connected Communities, a local Community Organizer with the Peoples Lobby, and a Hip Hop Artist. He has brought those different experiences and perspectives to City Council to improve government services while creating community-centered development. He is the Vice Chair of the Committee on Special Events and Cultural Affairs, the Secretary of the Progressive Caucus, and Treasurer of the Latino Caucus.

City Council Committees

  • Contract Oversight and Equity
  • Economic, Capital, and Technology Development
  • Ethics and Good Governance
  • Human Relations and Health
  • Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
  • Rules
  • Special Events, Cultural Affairs, and Recreation – (Vice Chair)
  • Transportation and the Public Way


  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • One People’s Campaign
  • Reclaim Chicago
  • United Working Families


  • Latino Caucus, Treasurer
  • Progressive Caucus, Secretary

Major Projects

  • Established the pandemic-response initiative Neighborhood Network, which organized mask sewing and delivery drives, made wellness and check-in calls to seniors, distributed health and business support information as programs became available, shoveled walks during the winter, and helped run a 40th Ward vaccination event that provided over 1500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Ward residents. 
  • Established a Community-Driven Zoning process that requires advance notice and a public meeting before any zoning change, and allows direct feedback on all proposed zoning changes in the Ward.
  • Began development of a Lincoln Avenue North Arts district, drawing on local businesses and public improvements including the Ainslie Arts Plaza, murals, zoning improvements including a pedestrian street designation, approvals for ground floor live/work studio spaces, and more than $16 million in funding for Lincoln Avenue streetscape and design improvements.
  • Negotiated for an increase in tree trim crews, enabling the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation to begin transitioning to proactive, area-based trimming rather than relying on 311 calls for tree trim locations