The Benefits of All-Electric Homes

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A few weeks ago, our office toured an all-electric new construction home in Woodlawn to learn about all the technology that goes into making a home run on just electricity.

From lower utility bills to improved indoor air quality – electric homes boast major benefits.

We learned about the major benefits of all-electric homes: from insulation and solar panels that can lower utility bills to just $17 a month, to induction ranges that cook faster without polluting indoor air.

Ald. Vasquez discussing the benefits of all-electric homes with the host, Wayne Beals of Beals Properties, and Benjamin Van Horne from Greenline Homes. It also includes tips for retrofitting your home, and the easiest appliances to start with. Video shot and edited by Renato Velarde.

Interested in converting your home to run on all electricity?

See below for resources:

The 40th Ward Environmental Board introduces the Electrification Working Group

Headed by Viktor Köves, the Electrification Working Group is dedicated to demystifying electrification and decarbonization for 40th Ward neighbors and the rest of the city. Please follow along as we build out and share our knowledge on this topic and how you can save money AND the environment!

Electrification and Decarbonization

What is Electrification?

Electrification is the concept of switching out technologies that utilize fossil fuels to those that utilize electricity. We can can pursue electrification on an individual basis by switching out technologies typically running on gas like your furnace, water heater, dryer and stove.

Why might you want to electrify?

  • Reduced utility bills – natural gas (especially in Chicago) is really expensive, and switching to efficient electric appliances can save you losts of money
  • Increase in comfort – a well insulated all-electric home is more comfortable than heating with a natural gas system
  • Better indoor and outdoor air quality – gas appliances pollute the outside and inside air while electric appliances don’t burn anything

What are Net Zero Emissions and Decarbonization?

Net Zero Emissions is the concept of keeping the overall amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) added to the atmosphere after a specific GHG parts-per-million (ppm) is hit to zero. The thought behind this is any further accumulation of GHG ppm beyond a point would increase global warming, significantly harming the global environment. This is typically posited by the current powers that be to be done in a two-pronged manner: reducing overall emissions and removing emissions.

Decarbonization, then, typically refers to reducing the level of excess carbon in the atmosphere produced by concise energy using sectors. On a systems level, we can address the power generation sector by replacing generation from combustion and GHG-emitting sources to renewable and non GHG-emitting ones. Similarly, we can decarbonize the buildings sector by understanding what buildings-related embodied carbon (carbon emissions in upstream production) and operational carbon (carbon emissions in day-to-day usage) exist and how to get that sector to Net Zero Emissions.

Electrification Incentives and Programs

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

There are federal tax credits and rebates that will be available in the coming months for electrifying your home! The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was established in 2022 to incentivize decarbonization. To find out what you are eligible for, check out Rewiring America’s IRA Calculator.

Funds are still being disbursed by the federal government to the state of Illinois’ Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) so, follow along on their website yo learn how you, as an Illinois resident, can access these incentives as they roll out!

ComEd Appliance Rebates

ComEd has rebates for heat pump HVAC systems and more!

City of Chicago Programs

Explore the projects the City has elected to pursue around green buildings and energy efficiency and renewables.


Putting It All Together

The climate is changing for the worse if we all don’t change our lifestyles and advocate for systems change! What can you do?

Electrify your home

As a homeowner

Learn how you can electrify your home and reach out to a contractor* for an energy audit and quote on electrification projects when you are ready to explore.

*This list of contractors is neither an endorsement or comprehensive; if you’d like to be added to this list, please contact the 40th Ward to see if you are eligible to be added.

Solar Installers

Heat Pump Installers

As a renter

Reach out to your building owner to discuss any upgrades and appliance-swaps you’d like to see. You can also utilize electric tools (like an electric hedger) and appliances (like a stand-along induction cooktop) instead of gas-powered analogs– bonus points if you rent from the Chicago Tool Library. ComEd also has the option for their customers to switch to CleanChoiceEnergy.

Take Action

Thank you to Viktor Köves, Pooja Ravindran, and the 40th Ward Environmental Board for their work in putting this tour together, and to Renato Velarde for shooting the video!