Report Parking Violations on 311!

Icon of a smartphone with 311 and report parking enforcement

The Department of Finance (DOF) announced this week that City residents now have the option of reporting the following parking enforcement violations on the 311 app or online:

  • Bus Lane Parking
  • Commercial Loading Zone
  • Commercial Vehicle Parked on a Residential Street
  • Disabled Parking
  • Fire Hydrant Parking
  • Residential Parking
  • Rush Hour Zones
  • School Safety Zones
  • Vehicle Parked in Bike Lane
  • Other (Semi-trucks parked on streets, etc.)

Where previously only bike lane violations could be reported on 311, the DOF has now expanded the ability to report parking violations, to drive more community-based enforcement.

Neighbors can report parking violations by calling 311, using the CHI311 app, or through the 311 website. The request type is “Finance Parking Code Enforcement Review.”

Here’s the information you’ll need to file a complaint via 311:

  1. What is the parking code enforcement issue?
  2. What Day(s) of the week is the incident occurring? (select all the days that apply)
  3. What time of the day is the incident occurring?
  4. Any relevant additional information

This is one of the most common requests we receive at the 40th Ward Office, so we’re glad that the community will now be able to report violations on their block!