Clark Street Protected Bike Lanes

A person rides their bike in a protected bike lane.

New protected bike lanes will be installed on Clark Street from Hollywood to Devon, which will extend the existing bike lanes on Clark Street south of Hollywood.

Clark Street Bike Lanes Map
CDOT map for Clark Street Protected Bike Lanes

The project will also feature a variety of new pedestrian and transit improvements, including new pedestrian crossings and refuge islands, side street bumpouts throughout the corridor, a bus-only lane for southbound CTA buses, and nine new bus boarding islands.

The protected bike lane will physically separate people biking from automobile traffic. On-street parking will remain where it is needed to support local businesses, while unused parking spaces will be relocated to make room for the bike lane.

Proposed Elements

  • Concrete Curb: The existing protected bike lanes will be upgraded with concrete curb to better separate the bike lane from motor vehicles.
  • Pedestrian Crossing and Refuge Island: New pedestrian crossings and concrete refuge islands will help people crossing Clark Street by improving visibility, reducing crossing times, and providing a safe space to wait for an opportunity to cross. These new crossings will improve access to local businesses and the new bus boarding islands.
  • Bus Boarding Islands: New concrete bus boarding islands will eliminate conflicts between people biking and buses, stop motor vehicles from parking in bus stops, and help bus operations.
  • Bus Only Lane: A southbound bus only lane between Ridge and Glenlake will help improve reliability and travel times for CTA buses.

Archived Meetings

  • June 18, 2022 – CDOT, 40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez, and 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman presented these improvements to the community.

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