Local Construction

What construction is happening near me?

Neighbors often see construction work happening in the ward and want to know what the project is and who is managing it. Or, they may see No Parking signs spring up and construction dumpsters appear and wonder what to expect. Local construction can range from private telecommunications utility projects to Chicago Departments of Transportation or Water Management and their subcontractors performing infrastructure work. There are a few ways to keep up with construction and find out what projects you can expect to see (and for how long!).

ChiStreetWork Portal

The ChiStreetWork portal provides a real-time map of current and upcoming permits, projects and dig tickets to operate in the City’s public right-of-way. Each project includes a link to the CDOT permit issued at that location which provides scope-of-work, permit end dates, and a project engineer’s contact information. You can also create email notifications for projects that occur where you live or work.

See our ChiStreetWork User Guide (Google Document) to learn how to use this tool.

Local Construction Updates

For large or longer timeline construction projects within the 40th Ward, our office requests construction updates from project supervisors to pass on to impacted neighbors via our website and newsletter. Updates may include planned street/parking or sidewalk closures, heavy equipment use, utility shutoffs, and other disruptions of the public right-of-way.

The most recent updates from active projects are displayed below. Click on any project card to view expanded details. Additionally, if you’d like this information sent to your e-mail address, use the link(s) below to sign up for email updates on active construction projects in your area.

40th Ward Construction Project Map

Find scope-of-work, project timelines, permits and more on active and planned infrastructure improvement projects* happening within the 40th Ward. View the Google map.

To recommend a project be added to this list, please use our contact form.

* NOTE: this map is maintained and updated by the 40th Ward office on a semi-annual basis. It may not be as comprehensive or up to date as the ChiStreetWork portal but should provide an overview of what is active or planned specifically in the 40th Ward.

How the City Plans

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides an outline of the City of Chicago’s five-year plan for physically improving, modernizing, or replacing the City’s public infrastructure. The annual revision of the five-year CIP report (2022- 2026) serves as the City of Chicago’s schedule of planned infrastructure improvements. Based on current resource projections and infrastructure needs, the CIP prioritizes and seeks to balance safety, equity, and cost-effectiveness. 

Other City, County, and State Agencies (sometimes referred to as Sister Agencies) have their own CIPs as well. We recommend that you reach out to those parties directly if you have any feedback or suggestions for projects and repairs under their jurisdictions.

Aldermanic Menu Program

Within the CIP’s Neighborhood Infrastructure program, each ward is allocated $1.5 million annually to be spent on permanent infrastructure repairs and projects. Dubbed “menu money,” this money is the primary funding source infrastructure projects within the ward such as sidewalk and street repairs, the creation of Green Alleys, lighting and curb updates, and new projects. Every ward has its own method of soliciting feedback and allocating funds, in the 40th Ward we call our process of participatory budgeting The People’s Budget.

In this inclusive and democratic process, we invite all of our constituents to submit project ideas and vote on how we spend menu funds each November – December. Repair requests are also accepted throughout the year.

The People’s Budget

Our office engages in an inclusive and democratic process to distribute funds allocated through the city’s Menu Program. We call this participatory budgeting process The People’s Budget. Each Fall, vote on how we will spend $1 million in our ward to address infrastructure project proposals produced by residents and community committees.

Repair requests accepted all year

If you live in the 40th Ward, you can request menu money be budgeted for a repair throughout the year. Request a repair.

People's Budget Project Options

311 Construction Service Requests

Browse construction related requests to read detailed information about each issue. A link is provided to submit the appropriate 311 service request. If you have questions, or need further assistance to follow-up on a complaint, please submit your inquiry via form to our office.

Submit a 311 Request

Contact the 40th Ward Office

Our office works to ensure you feel supported, connected, and valued. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have—we are here to help!