Sewer Work Project Updates

Project Number 7461 – Seeley/Ainslie

Work is expected to begin at the intersection of Seeley and Ainslie the week of Mon. 12/2 for the Department of Water Management’s project #7461, a sewer main replacement. Equipment mobilization is beginning 12/2, with work beginning in earnest on Wednesday 12/4.

The Seeley/Ainslie intersection will be fully closed to traffic for the duration of the project, currently estimated at six weeks. Mid-block alleys will remain open for local traffic.

Construction is being supervised by Burns McDonnel. For details on the opening location and project engineer contact information, please see:

More information can be found in the Dept. of Water Management project notification letter.

Project Number 7214 – Ravenswood/Farragut/Paulina/Berwyn and Winona/Wolcott/Winchester

All eastern sections (1600/1700 blocks of Farragut, 1600 block of Berwyn, 5200 block of Paulina) are completed. We expect another week of work at Winona & Wolcott, after which the western project section will be closed and brought up to grade with concrete until spring.

Project Number 6348 – Argyle/Rockwell/Gunnison

Sewer work has been completed along Gunnison and concrete restoration has begun as of 12/9/19. Restoration will be concrete to grade until spring, when asphalt becomes available. Contractors currently estimate restoration to be complete in roughly two weeks, Dec. 20th or sooner.