How to take care of your new parkway tree

In 2022 the Department of Streets ad Sanitation’s Bureau of Forestry planted 481 parkway trees across the 40th Ward. Now that it’s springtime and these trees are leafing out, they need your help to survive and thrive! If you received one of these trees, or know someone who did, the Chicago Region Trees Initiative has produced a helpful guide to taking care of them. The Chicago Region Trees Initiative is a coalition of institutions, municipalities, and tree industry professionals actively improving the urban forest in the seven counties around Chicago.

Learn the best ways to care for trees at Trees need people’s help. Thanks for doing your part.

  • Trees need water: Check the soil a few inches down. Is it dry? Pour three to four five-gallon buckets of water slowly near the tree or use a slow trickle from the hose for 15 minutes.
  • Mulch helps trees: Spread mulch as far out as the branches reach, approximately three inches deep. Do not pile mulch or soil against the tree trunk.