Share Your Feedback with the OIG to Improve Chicago! 

Grid of the skyline of Chicago, a line of police officers, workers or the Department of Water Management, and banks of computers, overlaid with "Call for Community Feedback"

The Office of the Inspector General is soliciting community feedback on their potential projects for 2024.

The Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) is currently taking feedback on the potential projects under consideration for 2024. These projects are now posted on the OIG website for public review and comment.

Potential projects are developed from a variety of sources, including concerns and information sent to the OIG by community members, ideas from OIG staff, deeper or connected analyses inspired by past projects, feedback from year-round community events, and by analyzing their intake submissions to look for trends or recurring concerns.

Community feedback helps OIG prioritize projects for the coming year to align with what is of most concern and importance to Chicagoans.

Which Proposed Projects Are Most Important to You?

Public Safety Outlook on Police Oversight and Accountability

OIG’s Public Safety section works to improve the effectiveness, accountability, and transparency of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and Chicago’s police accountability agencies. Read about potential public safety projects detailed in the 2024 Public Safety Outlook.

Audit and Program Review Section 2024 Draft Annual Plan

The OIG Audit and Program Review section supports the OIG mission by conducting independent, objective analysis and evaluation of municipal programs and operations. Potential Audit and Program Review projects are detailed in the 2024 Audit and Program Review Annual Plan.

You can view all the proposed projects in detail and give feedback on the Office of the Inspector General website. Please respond by December 31, 2023.