Notice of Intent: 5400 N. Ashland

Rendering of a tan and white five story building proposed for 5400 N Ashland

Dear Neighbors,

After consideration of resident feedback, the 40th Ward office is not currently able to support the request for a zoning change from RS-3 to B2-3 at 5400 N Ashland.


All proposed zoning changes in the 40th Ward undergo a community feedback process. Neighbors are invited to comment on the proposal at public meetings and online, and all comments and feedback are considered and discussed by Ald. Vasquez and the 40th Ward team prior to a decision being made. A detailed description on this process is available on the Community Driven Zoning page of our website.


We are deeply grateful to all our neighbors who took the time to provide feedback. Though there were many comments in support of this proposal, citing mainly the need for increased housing in Andersonville, there were more voices opposing the development. Opposing feedback on this proposal was primarily focused on the size and density of the building, and many neighbors also cited the desire for more affordable units.

The 40th Ward’s office decision to not support this proposed change was primarily based on the following factors:

  • Height of the Building: Neighbors expressed concern with the height and density of the building as designed, primarily concerned with the number of floors proposed, arguing that the difference between the proposal and what exists is too stark of a contrast, even on an arterial street.
  • Design Aesthetic: A substantial number of neighbors expressed critique of the actual design of the proposal, seeking something that was more aesthetically in line with some of the architecture in the area.
  • Affordability: In a neighborhood and Ward where affordable housing is a chronic and ongoing need, neighbors in opposition wanted to see more affordable units, both in count and in rate.

Next Steps

  • Affordability and Business Support Meeting: Alderperson Vasquez, in reviewing the comments, will be planning a follow up meeting with the community to discuss the lack of affordable housing options in the area, as well as its effect on the Andersonville business district, in order to plan for addressing the challenge.
  • Developer Recommendation: Ald. Vasquez has also passed along this feedback to the developer, and encouraged him to meet with the neighbors to understand and address their concerns, so that he can design a proposal that is more aesthetically in line with the neighborhood and is at least a floor shorter.

We are deeply grateful to the many neighbors who took time to share their comments, both those in support and those who were opposed! To see upcoming zoning meetings and participate in our community-driven process, check out our Current Zoning Requests.