People’s Budget 2024: What Projects Do You Want to Fund?

Ballot box against a teal background with the words "Help us how to decide how to spend $1 million"

Want to know more about the projects you’re voting on this year’s Participatory Budget ballot? We’ve got you covered.

To learn more about the Participatory Budget process, check out our PB kick-off blog, or visit Otherwise, see below for details on this year’s project proposals!

2024 Participatory Budget Project Proposals

Flyer of proposed projects for the Participatory Budget ballot, including photos of Emmerson Park storage kiosk, proposed bumpouts at Winnemac Ave, a water fountain at Warren Park, and a kiosk at West Ridge Nature Park.

West Ridge Nature Park Kiosk: $150,000

This project would fund the installation of a welcome kiosk at the entrance of West Ridge Nature Park (5801 N. Western Ave), as well as additional storage facilities to facilitate community-building and educational activities in the park.

These funds would support the park’s nature education programming by allowing the additional storage capacity, and increase public awareness and participation for the park’s important work.

Winnemac Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements: $150,000

This project would install necessary pedestrian safety infrastructure on Winnemac Avenue east of Damen Ave, including curb bumpouts at the intersections of Wolcott and Winchester, and additional safety measures as determined by the traffic study currently underway for the Winnemac and Damen intersection.

The intersection of Winnemac and Damen has been a longstanding pedestrian safety concern for neighbors in the area. This infrastructure would make this key intersection at the entrance to Winnemac Park safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Warren Park Improvements: $150,000

This project would fund the installation of a water fountain (as requested by neighbors and the Park Advisory Committee) at Warren Park (6601 N. Western Ave), as well as beautifying and repaving the section of Columbia and Damen at the East end of the park.

These funds would expand on $1.5 million park improvements earmarked for next year to improve the quality of life for both park visitors, and address concerns that we’ve heard from neighbors in this area that is new to the 40th Ward.

Emmerson Park Storage Shed: $50,000

This project would fund the installation of a storage shed in Emmerson Park (1820 W. Granville Ave) to substantially increase the storage capacity of the current fieldhouse.

These funds would address long-standing neighbor concerns about the fieldhouse, while the additional storage would allow for expanded programming for youth at Emmerson Park.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

All 40th Ward residents ages 14 and up are eligible to vote! To cast your vote, fill out and submit our 2024 Participatory Budget Ballot, or visit any of our in-person ballot boxes:

  • Budlong Woods Library: 5630 N. Lincoln Ave
  • Northtown Library: 6800 N. Western Ave
  • Warren Park Fieldhouse: 6601 N Western Ave
  • Green Briar Park Fieldhouse: 2650 W. Peterson Ave
  • River Park Fieldhouse: 5100 N. Francisco Ave
  • 40th Ward Office: 5620 N. Western Ave.

Voting will close on December 31st, 2023, and results will be announced in early January.