Public Safety Statement: Shooting in Edgewater

Navy background with Public Safety Notice in white flanked by loudspeakers
Public Safety Notice Bannrer with loudspeakers

JANUARY 31ST, 2024


Dear Neighbors,

Earlier today, one teen, Daveon Gibson (age 16) was killed and two others (age 15) were wounded in a shooting that occurred in the 1200 block of Thorndale, near Senn High School, outside of our ward.

We will be staying in communication with the 20th District Police Department and shared confirmed updates that an investigation yields.

As someone who lost a brother to gun violence, I understand the trauma that is caused by such incidents too well and pray for the families of the youth.

We live in a city where our children find themselves both as victims and perpetrators of gun violence, and it is incumbent upon our municipal government to address such incidents – both in the immediate and at their root cause.

Accountability is accountability, and those responsible need to be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law. It is horrifying and heartbreaking to live in any level of fear of such an incident occurring.

We also must understand that no one is born into such behavior, but that there are environments and circumstances that unfortunately drive those without better opportunities into a life of crime. So that we break the cycle of violence, we have to invest in communities that have been marginalized over generations in our city. We need to provide access to the best education, job opportunities, support systems, and programs to let our youth know that they have a path to their fullest potential.

As a father of two children in this city, I, like every other parent, want them to grow up a city where they can feel safe walking to and from school. Their future is central to my commitment to public safety for all.

Yours in Service and Community,

Signature of Andre Vasquez