Lincoln Ave Streetscape: Section 2 Construction Set to Begin!

Rendering of Lincoln Ave protected bike lanes and decorative lightpoles

Construction for Section 2 of the Lincoln Ave Streetscape, from Foster to Western, will commence within the next few weeks!

The Lincoln Ave Streetscape consists of infrastructure improvements on Lincoln Avenue between Western and Catalpa, and on Catalpa between Lincoln and Western.  The project is divided into two sections: Section 1 is on Lincoln Ave from Catalpa to Foster and on Catalpa Ave from Lincoln to Western, while Section 2 is on Lincoln Ave from Foster to Western, including the Ainslie Arts Plaza.

Section 1 Update

Section 1 construction started in late Summer of 2023 on Catalpa Avenue. Roadway changes and new sidewalks on Catalpa were mostly complete by end of 2023, and the remaining curb and sidewalk on the south side was recently completed after construction resumed February 2024. Construction on the east side of Lincoln Avenue started in mid-February and will shift to the west side once the new curbs and sidewalks are in place. Construction of Section 1 is anticipated to be complete by Fall 2024.

Architectural drawings of Catalpa parkway plaza

Section 2 Improvements

Section 2 construction from Foster to Western construction is anticipated to break ground in late Spring/early Summer 2024. Substantial completion is anticipated end of 2024, with landscaping and other final items to be completed Spring 2025.

Lincoln Avenue

Section 12 improvements to Lincoln Ave will include:

  • Updates to Ainslie
  • Protected bike lanes from Foster to Western
  • Parkway improvements including new widened sidewalks, new curb and gutter, and upgrades to ADA ramps and crosswalks
  • Pavement resurfacing with new pavement markings
  • Pedestrian safety improvements at intersections
  • New pavers and trees on parkways
  • New street lighting
  • Drainage improvements
  • New street furniture and seating areas
  • Installation of community light pole identifiers and gateway identifiers
Renderings of Lincoln Ave Streetscape and pedestrian plaza––details below!

Ainslie Arts Plaza

Ainslie Arts Plaza will also be upgraded as part of this project, including the following improvements:

  • Upgrades to the plaza including repaving with decorative pavers, festoon lighting, festival tents, and entrance sign;
  • A new performance stage;
  • New and upgraded seating, including sculptural benches, shade structures with decorative screens, and new tables and chairs;
  • Landscaping surrounding including new tree, perennial, and shrub plantings, planters, and mulch paths;
  • New Divvy station
  • Decorative storage structure;
  • Increased pedestrian safety protection, including fencing and bollards
Renderings of Ainslie Arts Plaza––details below!

Project Updates

Want to keep up to date with Lincoln Ave Streetscape progress? Visit the Lincoln Avenue Streetscape page to viw weekly updates from the contractor, and/or sign up to the Lincoln Ave mailing list. We also send weekly construction updates via 40th Forward newsletter.

In addition to the above, the contractor also hosts a weekly construction update meeting, the first section of which is open to the public. The meetings take place every Tuesday at 11:30am, and you can join via this link.