Local Street Work and Projects

ChiStreetWork Map Portal

The ChiStreetWork application provides a real-time map of current and upcoming permits to operate on the public right-of-way. In the map view, click on any of the teal clipboard/exclamation point icons to access a sidebar view with individual project listed. Each individual project link in the sidebar will include a PDF of the CDOT permit issued at that location, which includes scope-of-work, permit end dates, and a project engineer’s contact information in the upper left corner.

Local Project Update Mailing Lists

For larger projects in the 40th Ward, our office requests weekly site updates from project supervisors. Updates include any planned street/parking or sidewalk closures, heavy equipment use, utility shutoffs, and other disruptions of the public right-of-way. Use the links below to signup for email updates on active construction projects in your area. The most recent updates from active projects are displayed below as tiles — click on any update to expand it for details!

Metra Ridge/Peterson Station Project (currently in pre-construction clearing — weekly emails will start via this list once construction begins

DWM #1801007 Water Main (Clark/Balmoral & Summerdale)

DWM PN 7435 Rogers Park Sewer Improvement

People’s Gas Sections:

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