40th Ward Neighborhood Groups

Andersonville South Neighborhood Association (ASNA)
Patrick Garnett
Liz Kersjes
Website: http://www.asnachicago.org/

For over 40 years, a nonprofit organization, the Andersonville South Neighborhood Association is dedicated to making our neighborhood a safe, friendly and attractive place to live and work. Our borders are Ashland on the East, Ravenswood on the West, Foster on the North and Winnemac on the South in Chicago, Illinois.

BCO: Bowmanville Community Organization
Mona Yaeger
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bcochicago/
Website: http://bcochicago.org/

The Bowmanville Community Organization (BCO) is the community’s officially recognized Chicago Neighborhood Organization. It is run by a volunteer group committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life for Bowmanville residents. Since its inception in 1987 the BCO has contributed to a solid foundation of community service and neighborliness.

EARC: East Andersonville Residents Council

President: Tyler Ferrie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/earc60640/about/?ref=page_internal
Website: http://www.eastandersonville.org

The East Andersonville Residents’ Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the common interest of the community members with regard to community development, preservation of diversity, enhancement of quality of life, and safety.

Greater Rockwell Organization (GRO)
president@greaterrockwell.org and vp@greaterrockwell.org
Website: http://www.greaterrockwell.org/

Our east/west borders are the river to Western; north/south borders are Lawrence to Wilson. Our organization is split between the 40th (Vasquez) & 47th wards (Martin). GRO will be celebrating its 40th anniversary of community involvement this year. (2019)

Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association (HOLS)
Website: https://www.heartoflincolnsquare.org/

The Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association (HOLS) is a group of local residents and small businesses who care about our neighborhood and its continued success. We value the community and getting to know one another as we work together to support our schools and public spaces, sustain healthy business districts, and maintain public safety.

LBRC: Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council
John Charmelo 
Website: https://www.edgewater.org/businesses/lakewoodbalmoral-residents-council/

The Lakewood Balmoral Residents’ Council (LBRC) is a block club in the 48th Ward, geographically located north of Foster and south of Bryn Mawr, and including the blocks of Wayne, Lakewood, Magnolia, Berwyn, Balmoral and Catalpa. LBRC became a nonprofit corporation on April 15, 1969. The council’s purpose, as stated in our bylaws and in our articles of incorporation, is: To create a viable urban community, united by geography and vested interests, committed to the betterment of the area and its people, organized to confront the problems of urban life and to carry out activities that nurture a community spirit.

Lincoln Square North Neighbors
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LincolnSquareNorth/

The Lincoln Square North Neighbors organization was founded in 2012 to foster a greater sense of community among the neighbors and businesses from Lawrence to Foster and Western to the river. Our goal is to improve the social, educational and economic well-being of our neighborhood.

Neighbors of Edgewater West (in the Highlands of Edgewater)
Ismael Moustafa

West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT)
President: Camerson Krieger
Website: https://www.westandersonville.com/

West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT) is a neighborhood organization whose boundaries are the north side of Foster Ave. to the south side of Bryn Mawr Ave. and the west side of Clark St. to the east side of Ravenswood Ave.

WANT’s purpose is “to develop, encourage and promote neighborhood beautification, education, school-community relations, city service, physical and mental health programs, youth programs, senior citizen activities, community social activities, and property rehabilitation and to do whatever may be necessary for the betterment of the area and its people through community education, involvement of community members and development of community spirit.”

West Edgewater Area Residents (WEAR)
Lisa Hand
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/128689647167562/
Website: https://wearorg.wordpress.com/

Bordered by Bryn Mawr to the south, Peterson to the north, Ravenswood to the West and Clark street to the east, WEAR has supported neighborhood activities for more than 17 years. We are partly responsible for the relatively low density of the neighborhood, the garden site on Ravenswood, and the effort to turn the abandoned hospital into a park.

WFCW Block Club – Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac
President: Randy Heite
Vice-President: Shelly Fuerte
Treasurer: Mat Olson
Secretary: Kristin Pichaske
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Winona-Foster-Carmen-Winnemac-WFCW-Block-Club-153638898008748/

Founded in 1962, we are a social organization striving to better our community through cooperative actions. We welcome and encourage all residents, renters, and home owners to become members. We are supported by a dues and donations.

Winnemac Park Neighbors
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WinnemacParkNeighbors/
Website: http://www.winnemac.org
President: Eric Rojas

Winnemac Park Neighbors functions as a Facebook Page primarily for neighbor news around the park. No formal structure or non-profit status.

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