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Participatory Budgeting 2022-2023 Update

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Thank you so much to all who participated in our Participatory Budgeting (PB) process– the People’s Budget– this past year. By participating you helped decide how to spend public funds on community projects in the 40th Ward. We are pleased to share that we had close to 1,500 ballots entered for the 2022-2023 cycle!  How […]

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2019 Menu Program End-of-Year Summary

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Dear Neighbors, Every year, City of Chicago Wards receive approximately $1.3 million in discretionary infrastructure funding from the Dept. of Transportation, known as the “menu money” program. This year’s menu money authorizations for the 40th Ward are a combination of projects already requested by previous Ald. Patrick O’Connor and requests from the current Ward office […]

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Participatory Budgeting 2020

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS? Every year, each ward in Chicago receives $1.3 million dollars, also known as “menu money,” for infrastructure-related improvements. Alderman Vasquez built a really big table to create space for neighbors to decide how to spend one million dollars improving the 40th Ward — whether it be fixing […]