Area Tree Trimming Begins April 18th!

A service request for tree trimming is no longer available in the 311 system. The Bureau of Forestry (BoF)‘s Area Trimming program has found that doing area trimming is the best method for sustaining the more than 550,000 trees in Chicago. Starting on the week of April 18th, forestry will have 1-2 trim crews trimming in the ward on a specific day. A 16-block area will be the focus of these crews’ work. Forestry will trim every tree in the 16-block area, and if these trees are properly cared for, they should not need to be trimmed again for at least five years. To finish the cycle of trimming all 550,000 trees, it might take up to seven years.

The weekly scheduled day for the 40th Ward is Tuesday, weather permitting, and the grid is N048 W016 (see the map below). Foster to Lawrence and Ashland to Damen are the locations on this grid. The BoF will be in the ward every Tuesday and in grid N048 W016 until the trimming that grid is finished. You can do your part by looking out for the signs posted and by reminding your neighbors to pay attention to the “No Parking” signs.

Once the grid is completed we will let neighbors know when the next grid will begin. If your tree trim is an emergency and it is touching your windows or roof please send us a picture and we will escalate it directly to the BoF.  We can not promise that they will complete every case we escalate to them. We also recommend reading through the city’s small claims process in case a tree impacts your property.

See news coverage of our office’s advocacy to move to grid-based tree trimming!