Community Zoning Update – 5338-40 N. LINCOLN AVE.

Dear Neighbors,

After consideration of resident feedback, the Ward office has no objection to the proposed zoning change from B3-2 to B3-3 at 5338-40 N. LINCOLN AVE. 


All proposed zoning changes in the 40th Ward undergo a community feedback process. Neighbors are invited to comment on the proposal at public meetings and online at All comments and other feedback are considered and discussed by myself and my staff prior to any decision being made regarding zoning. A detailed timeline/FAQ is available at:


We are deeply grateful to all our neighbors who took the time to provide feedback. We received feedback, with the majority of neighbors in support. Neighbors expressed that this project is a wonderful redevelopment of the current site and are glad that this property will be creating more housing in an area sorely needing it, while maintaining mixed use development on the first floor. 

To see upcoming zoning meetings and participate in our community-driven process, visit