Current Zoning Requests

Zoning change requests may be submitted to the City of Chicago at any time by property owners. The 40th Ward office uses a Community Driven Zoning process that includes a public meeting and feedback period before any letters of support or opposition are issued in response to zoning change requests.

Proposals are not made by the Alderman’s office, nor does holding a public meeting for a proposal indicate any support or opposition from the Alderman’s office. 

You can use the Filter and Sort tools below to search for individual zoning changes, or browse the entire record. (Zoning change requests from prior to March 2021 are archived at our old Zoning Requests page.) If you are a developer or property owner applying for a zoning change, please use our Zoning Intake Form.

To submit a comment on a zoning change request that is open for feedback, please use the Zoning Change Feedback Form. Note that only projects in the “Meeting Held – Open for Feedback” status will be accessible via the feedback form. Feedback is always open for one week (smaller projects) or two weeks (larger projects) after the public meeting is held.

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