40th Ward Arts & Access Grants

Our office recently launched the “40th Ward Arts & Access Grants” as part of Chicago’s ward microgrant program. Passed during last year’s budget process, the program allocates $100,000 for each ward office to fund projects focused on enhancing local communities. Our ward is the first in the city to launch the microgrant initiative, which is open and accepting proposals from any non-profit or for-profit organization in two major categories:

  • Open Government (OG) Grants – $80,000 to be awarded in total
  • Lincoln Avenue North Arts (LANA) & Cultural Programming Grant – $20,000 to be awarded in total

2022 Project Awards

40th Ward Website Redesign

  • Project: 40th Ward Website Redesign
  • Award Amount: $23,000.
  • Awardee: SuperVoid LLC, d/b/a Always Open Design

Project Summary: Build a new website with a focus on accessibility, creating connected content, and a more manageable, sustainable site structure.

40th Ward Handbook

  • Project: 40th Ward Print & Digital Handbook
  • Award Amount: $12,000.
  • Awardee: HMF Communications

Project Summary: Create and print a physical handbook explaining services provided by the 40th Ward Office. Focus on access for seniors.

Spanish Language Navigators

  • Project: Spanish Language Navigators
  • Award Amount: $15,000.
  • Awardee: Centro Romero

Project Summary: Provide outreach to Latinx and undocumented community to connect with 40th Ward services and support. Focus on underserved communities.

Public Safety Navigators

  • Project: Public Safety Navigators
  • Award Amount: $15,000.
  • Awardee: One Northside

Project Summary: Neighborhood outreach to provide public safety resources and to listen to neighbor concerns. Focus on building a safer community.

Indo American Navigators

  • Project: Indo American Navigators
  • Award Amount: $15,000.
  • Awardee: Indo American Center

Project Summary: Outreach to South Asian and undocumented community to connect to 40th Ward services and support. Focus on underserved communities.

Lincoln Ave Art Installations

  • Project: Lincoln Ave Art Installations
  • Award Amount: $20,000.
  • Awardee: Music House

Project Summary: Focus on four art installations / murals on Lincoln Avenue to frame the proposed Lincoln Ave North Arts District.