Banner reads 40th Ward Safety Update

Earlier today, December 12, 2022, there was a car collision and fire at the intersection of Oakley and Winona, associated with a vehicle of interest in an investigation related to car jackings and robberies in the area. I happened to be on the scene just after the collision had occurred, and one of our staff members who was with me directed the Chicago Fire Department to address the fire. 

I reached out to the 19th and 20th Police District, as well as the local schools as the incident was still occurring. Thanks to our community coming together, we were able to stay in communication, which led to four individuals being taken into custody. Currently the investigation is ongoing, but I want to thank the 19th and 20th District Police and the engaged neighbors whose communication led to the apprehension, as well as the home camera systems that helped lead to this result, where thankfully no one was hurt.

As we have in the past, we recommend that neighbors avail themselves of the city’s Home and Business Protection program, which reimburses up to $250 for eligible applicants who purchase home cameras, that can be helpful in gathering evidence.

Our office will continue to engage with all local public safety stakeholders to address issues and we will keep you informed as we get updates.