Connect with Uptown Business Center’s Free Businesses Services

The Uptown Business Center (UBC) supports new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs within the north region boundary of Lincoln Park to Rogers Park and the Chicago River to Lake Shore Drive. Whether you’re in the idea stage of your business or a long-standing business owner, the UBC provides a suite of free business services!

Sign up for a free UBC Business Consultation today for a wide range of free services including:

  • Licensing Assistance: choosing and applying for the best license for your business, meeting zoning requirements, securing a liquor license, and more.
  • Permitting Assistance: applying for and renewing sidewalk cafes, sign permits etc.
  • Funding Resources: locating traditional and non-traditional financial resources including webinars, connections to local institutions, and the latest local and federal grant/loan information.
  • Sector-Specific Support: industry events, trainings, webinars, networking opportunities.
  • Connecting with your local Chamber of Commerce for additional support in marketing, neighborhood events, networking, and more.

Learn more about how the UBC can support you by emailing, calling 773-878-1064, or visiting