5035 N. Lincoln: Notice of Intent

Rendering of the proposed development of 5035 N. Lincoln: a five-story brick building.

NOTICE OF INTENT: 5035 N Lincoln Ave

Dear Neighbors,

After consideration of resident feedback, the 40th Ward office has no objection to the proposed zoning change from B2-3 Type 1 to B2-3 (revised Type1) at 5035 N Lincoln Ave.


All proposed zoning changes in the 40th Ward undergo a community feedback process. Neighbors are invited to comment on the proposal at public meetings and online, and all comments and feedback are considered and discussed by Ald. Vasquez and the 40th Ward team prior to any decision being made. A detailed description on this process is available on the Community Driven Zoning page of our website.


We are deeply grateful to all our neighbors who took the time to engage and provide feedback. Your participation is what helps improve our community zoning process every time!

Feedback on this proposal was largely positive with a majority of neighbors in support of the project and the need for density, affordability, and development for the art/business district. 

Hearing the feedback of the community, Alder Vasquez will support the zoning change. Our office looks forward to working with our neighbors, and to the development of the 5035 N Lincoln site.

We will also follow up with neighbors who expressed concerns about parking to give information on the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) process for neighbors who would like to address that concern, as communicated in some of the feedback. More information on RPP can be found on the Residential Permit Parking page of the 40th Ward website.

To see upcoming zoning meetings and participate in our community-driven process, visit our Current Zoning Requests page.