About 40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez

Chicago born and raised, the son of immigrant parents, Andre Vasquez understands the values of hard work and common purpose that make our city great.

Our diversity of backgrounds and experience are united by a shared vision for real change in local government, investment in our neighborhoods, and a brighter future for our kids. This sense of purpose has driven Andre to engage with his neighbors where they are: focused on solutions, energized to organize and build community, ready to make a difference.

He understands that our vibrant citizenry already has all the tools it needs to lead this transformational change, and are lacking only leaders who are ready to listen to those they represent.

Photo Of Alderman Andre Vasquez

Having worked his way up to a senior management position at a major utility company, Andre has real-life experience outside the political system. He understands how to work collaboratively, set goals, and get things done. As a husband and father of two young children, Andre is invested in the fight for better schools, city services, and the right allocation of resources in our city government. He’s been leading the call for progressive change with organizing meetings, block parties, and listening sessions. He’s heard what neighbors in the 40th Ward have to say, and it’s this: It’s time we stopped dividing our neighborhoods and settling for less from our leaders. It’s time we demand the type of transparent and accountable local government we deserve.

When we stand together as neighbors, building an engaged, grassroots community of citizens, we have the power to make that change real. Together, we can build a city that works for everyone. Let’s start here in the 40th Ward. Let’s build a movement and leave a legacy of sustainable governance, and create a model for other Chicago neighborhoods to follow.

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